Hi, welcome to my website. I keep it up for informational purposes. The content of this website will mostly be about cybersecurity and computer networking.

Now, for some information about me. I’m a high school student in Hawaii studying to become a cybersecurity researcher or network security professional. I’m currently trying to learn some computer programming languages, such as Python and PHP. Later on, I am planning to learn the basics of C so I can start to develop Linux applications.

I’ve released several open source utilities on my GitHub page, the most successful being PiPass.

My Open-Source Projects

PiPass is my most successful open-source endeavor. It works off of an existing Pi-Hole installation (likely running on a Raspberry Pi or similar SBC) and simply adds a blockpage to it, giving the user an explanation of why the page is failing to load and gives them an option to perform a self-unblock.