Hi, welcome to my website. I keep it up for informational purposes. The content of this website will mostly be about cybersecurity and computer networking.

I develop some free and open-source software and some proprietary software in my free time. I’m learning Node and Python to further my computer programming knowledge.

I’ve released several open source utilities on my GitHub page, the most successful being PiPass.

This Site

This website will serve as a repository for me to document my journey purchasing, configuring, and installing software on servers and networking equipment. So, the page labelled “blog” really isn’t a blog – it’s just my documentation that I have left public that will hopefully help someone!

Coronavirus Statistics Website

I’ve released a worldwide, live-updating coronavirus statistics website. It also includes a page on Hawaii Coronavirus Statistics since that’s where I’m from.

My Projects

PiPass is my most successful open-source endeavor. It works off of an existing Pi-Hole installation (likely running on a Raspberry Pi or similar SBC) and simply adds a blockpage to it, giving the user an explanation of why the page is failing to load and gives them an option to perform a self-unblock.