A drone (not armed) carrying a GoPro
Image / Mic.com


Today, I read an article on Mic.com about a bill allowing police to use armed drones. (I’d suggest you read it as well)
Note! This is an opinion post. Take everything said in this article with a grain of salt.

A Quick Summary

If you don’t want to read it, I’ll give you a brief summary. Basically, lawmakers in Connecticut want to make a bill that would allow police to use drones to release “tear gas, bullets, and bombs.”
Although this does sound really, really violent, it does say that it would only be used in “very limited circumstances”
That in itself is not at all descriptive, but I can catch their vibe pretty easily. They included an example of a use case – like when there is an active shooter on a campus, etc. This would probably be an ideal solution as it would not put any officers in danger.

┬áDrones that aren’t armed can be useful, too.

There is an added benefit for drones and police use without being armed – the camera. A camera mounted on a drone (especially with live FPV) can easily help to gain intel for the police, such as locations of suspects/shooters, weapons, and more. This may raise a privacy concern for some people, though.