We all know it – the B4UFLY app for drone safety sucks. Pretty much wherever you go, for no apparent reason, will say that it is unsafe or illegal to fly there, even when you know it isn’t.
Fortunately, there are many alternatives. Some cost money, and some are loaded with ads. It’s very difficult to find an app that is free and still works great.

I’ve been searching for a good app such as B4U Fly, but that is actually useful. The app that I’ve found and is probably my favorite is called AirMap. It’s free on both iOS and Android. The FAA B4UFly app does have “digital notices”, which is basically a way of notifying an airport that you will be flying within 5 miles without calling them. Honestly, that’s a wonderful feature and it is the sole reason the FAA app is staying on my phone.


Outstanding Features

AirMap uses publicly available information about first responders and also factors that into whether you should fly or not. I also like that it has a wind speed indicator on the corner – useful for people who don’t have an anemometer.

Quick Summary of Flight Safety

As you can see, the app includes a bar at the top indicating whether it is safe to fly. My only real complaint is the lack of map customization, such as not being allowed to decide what will trigger an advisory.
Did I mention there are no ads? That’s right! This thing couldn’t be better.